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Editorials Fashion Trends features exclusive and non-exclusive fashion editorials, portraits and short films.

Creative work being highlighted by way of still and moving frames focuses on the natural beauty and sex appeal of fashion, glamour and art models alike. Lasting value is at the forefront. Film is alive and well. Classic and timeless images are forever celebrated.

This is not one of those “catch-all” fashion blogs. Anything and everything is not posted here. We curate with purpose and distinction. We only show content that we love and nothing else.

We do not support or affiliate ourselves with any social movement that directly or indirectly plays into the hands of those who run the shit-show circus known to many as the left/right paradigm. We do not glamorize or condone the use of alcohol, tobacco or any other drug be it recreational, pharmaceutical or otherwise. We encourage people to act as individuals, not as sheep.

Being that we want to maintain full control over the content that we feature and not subject ourselves to tyrannical censorship. Because of this (and several other reasons), we are largely dependent on our readers not only to keep this project thriving but to remain online. Your support of our efforts is crucial and greatly appreciated.